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WorldWide Chair Jacqueline Wolfovski, from French Member Firm EXPONENS, is Quoted in IAB
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The BKR International Worldwide Chair, Jacqueline Wolfovski, was quoted in the International Accountancy Bulletin’s recent French edition. She was interviewed at the French Institute of Professional Accountants’ (OEC – Ordre des Experts Comptables) annual congress.

Jacqueline Wolfovski, world chair of BKR International, and a partner at Exponens, a member firm of French association Eurus, says that despite the general negative comments on the French economy, 2016 has been a good year.

Chile - WW Mtg
Jacqueline at last year’s BKR WW meeting in Chile

“I just met some colleagues, members of BKR International and Eurus, and despite what we hear, the market picked up this year and we have a number of international clients who came back,” Wolfovski says. “We’re so used to hearing that France is not a market for international clients and we really saw, especially in the past 12 months, a return from international clients, and my firm certainly didn’t attract all of them, so it’s clearly a trend.”

These clients are usually large groups or multinationals, she continues, so they have their finance department behind them. “What they like about firms like ours is having someone to talk to in the country who speaks English and can take care of the accounting, tax and payroll.”



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