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SFC (Paris) Launches Concept of Events about GDPR
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“Café et After de la Tech,” the SFC Group launches a concept of events about the GDPR.

At the beginning of the yekrystel-ywan-SFCar, SFC Group created a department specializing in the protection of personal data, a department headed by Krystel Ywan. In order to support the development of this offering, Krystel Ywan launches the “Cafés and Afters of Tech” around the theme of the GDPR. Meetings of convivial exchanges and information, these events, organized in the different remote sites of the firm, are an opportunity for the clients to keep up with topics related to innovation and technological news. In parallel, Krystel Ywan also leads training courses on this subject (SFC Group is a Data Dock-approved training organization).

More information is on the SFC Group’s GDPR offering at


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