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SFC Group Creates a Newsletter, Fidanc’Info

Fidance, the financial consulting department of SFC Group, is launching Fidanc’Info, a quarterly newsletter designed and produced by Audrey Barros and her teams. Fidanc’Info provides news and advice regarding financing. It also includes advice on professional financing (business creation and takeover, external growth, unit repurchase, construction, purchase of premises, machines, vehicles, tools, software, patents, treasury, real estate investments, etc.) and personal financing (purchase of primary or secondary residence, rental investment, etc.).

The first issue is available at

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SFC Group Organizes the LHC Business Summit

On June 28, SFC Group, in partnership with the Lyon Hockey Club, organized the 1st LHC Business Summit, a training program run by the managers of the US National Hockey League (NHL) and Chris Paredes, an associate of SFC Group. This training program is dedicated to entrepreneurs and executive managers.

The theme is The Process of the Sporting World Applied to the Business World — to understand and apply methods used by a hockey club that had won many medals in the USA, methods that offered it the opportunity to become one of best and most recognized sports franchises in American sports.

To find out more, visit

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