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SFC Group (Paris) News and Announcements
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COMEP: A New Site for SFC Group

With its 12 offices on French territory, SFC Group is strengthening its presence in the Paris region, incorporating COMEP, located at Noisy-Le-sebastein-treps-news-bkrGrand. SFC Group is following its development strategy in Ile-de-France, making this region a major development focus, now with four offices: Paris Saint Lazare, Le Raincy, Auvers-sur-Oise, and Noisy-Le-Grand. This merger with SFC Group brings new services to COMEP’s clients, such as professional and private loans, asset management, manager recruitment, support and commercial team recruitment, human resources management, social protection, acquisition and transfer of business auditing, and accounting and tax follow-up of real estate investments.

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SFC Group Innovates in Hiring

SFC Group is looking for new employees to increase its teams. In order to miniature-mail-super-mission-technicien-de-paiebreak with the traditional image of the accounting professional and to attract new candidates, SFC Group is strengthening its presence on social networks, particularly on YouTube, launching a new video playlist named, “Super Missions for Super Employees.” One objective is enhancing our profession with an humorous approach.

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