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Internal Seminar: SFC Group Organizes Its Blue Days

20170627 - sfc - image-google-form-activite-s-lightAfter the success of its 2014 edition, SFC Group renews Blue Days in September. Blue Days is a two-day seminar that bring the 250 employees of SFC Group together and will take place in the heart of the Gorges de l’Ardèche. This will give staff the opportunity to solidify relationships, network, and make an impact.


Infography: The Chartered Accountant at the Heart of the Businessman’s Journey

SFC Group has produced a graphic presentation that summarizes the 20170627 - sfc - parcours-clients-vf-lightdifferent steps in which the businessman has been, is, or will be confronted throughout his entrepreneurial path.
It allows the viewer to visualize at a glance what should not be forgotten, and what to put in place, whether it be for the company, its employees, or for the businessman himself, who often links his professional and private life.

The Infography


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