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On Sunday 6th October, 23 members of Team Exponens took part in the Odyssea Paris race to support breast cancer research.
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It is the most frequent cancer in women and the leading cause of death in women in the West; breast cancer affects 50,000 new women each year. Much progress has been made in recent years, bringing the cure rate to 85%. It is to try to make the greatest reduction to the remaining 15% that the Odyssea race has happened since 2002 with a large number of participants and funds. Whether 10 or 5km, running or walking, each member of the Team Exponens has supported at their own pace the cause that has gathered about 37,000 participants over two days. A special mention for Benjamin Maisonneuve, an auditor at Exponens, who finished 4th of 9,787 in the 10km race with a time of 33’39”.

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