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EntrePreneurial Success: Philippe Gaziot, IXTELCOM, Testifies

IXTELCOM CEO Philippe Gaziot evokes in this new
EntrePreunarial Success episode, 20160928-sfc-parishow, led by its entrepreneurial passion, he took over IXTELCOM, an

optimization and management company for public and industrial lighting, making it one of the market leaders in terms of wireless LED systems controlled remotely. Innovation, High-Tech, expertise – he mentions its successes, the difficulties encountered, and how Pascal Bejon, chartered accountant at SFC Group, coached him during his project and to what extend he helps him, even today, to success.

The video: Succès d’EntrePreneurs – Philippe Gaziot, IXTELCOM

SFC Group Starts SFC Speed Mooc

20160928-sfc-paris-bandeau-cp_1In partnership with Chef d’Entreprise Magazine, SFC Group brings short information videos (2-3 minutes) on business management issues for entrepreneurs. Three episodes are already online.
•Episode 1: Mandatory Field and electronic invoicing
•Episode 2: How to manage Treasury?
•Episode 3: Learn all about about personnel management

Coming in October: Employee health: do not forget anything!

The video: Gestion du personnel, ce qu’il faut savoir


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