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Exponens’ female co-workers took part in the race “La Parisienne” 

On Sunday, September 14th, 12 female co-workers of Exponens took up the challenge of ‘La Parisienne’, annual race for the fight against breast cancer. ‘La Parisienne’ is the largest all-female running meeting in Europe. Much more than a simple run, it’s a mix of show, challenge and sport. This morning, filled with emotion, was a great cohesion opportunity for the Exponens’ team members. Their wish for 2015? Doing it again by increasing in numbers!exponens-race-aspx

Jacqueline Wolfovski appointed to the Worldwide Board
Jacqueline Wolfovski‘s nomination as Vice-Chair and Treasurer exponens-jw2-aspxof the BKR Worldwide Board was mentioned in the September 24th edition of Les Echos, the French business and financial daily newspaper in France.


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