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Multifiduciaire celebrate 30 years
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Multifiduciaire Genève SA celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

The event took place during the weekend from Friday, 20 September until Sunday, 22 September in Vercorin, Switzerland.

21 people were invited : the company’s CEO and employees, along with their relatives. The weekend was wonderful, with a perfect atmosphere and exciting activities. It was also fortunate that the weather was hot and sunny.

m-30_3The group slept in a very big chalet called « Colonie de Sigeroulaz » with a big kitchen and large rooms. The chalet is located on the first cable car stop station called « Sigeroulaz ». It is at an altitude of 1,870 m. in the middle of the Swiss Alps. As you can see from the picture, it was an extremely peaceful and isolated location in the mountains.

On the Friday, participants took part in a tree climbing tour with a zip line course.

On Saturday, the cable car took the group again to the top of the mountain to a place called « Crêt-du-Midi ». (2,336 m.)The group was then split into 2 teams: the 1st group went backpacking to « Vallon de Rechy » where the landscapes were incredibly beautiful! The 2nd group took an easier walk which was better for the children. It was an educational activity involving the Groundhog. The Swiss cheese specialty, Raclette, was enjoyed by all for dinner.

During the afternoon, a small group went down the mountain to Vercorin on a mountain kick scooter. This was a most enjoyable and ‘speedy’ experience and it is not so easy to stand on such a machine!

For Friday and Saturday evenings, the group played games – card games, dice games, and also read, listened to music and took a rest.

Everyone was back home on the Sunday morning after breakfast at 10 o’clock. It was a fantastic way of spending quality time together and all who took part will retain some very good memories.



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