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Habib Abou Nasr – Abou Nasr & Associates – RIP
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BKR International is very sad to report the recent demise of Habib Abou Nasr the founder of Abou Nasr & Associates, our Lebanese member.

Habib Abou Nasr was born on the 17th August 1938 in Beirut, Lebanon. He was married to Najat Nahra and they had two children, Wadih and Imad Abou Nasr.

After he graduated, Habib started his career in the banking sector. Realising there was more he could do, Habib left the banking sector to open his private practice to service the Lebanese Market.

Abou Nasr & Associates was established in 1967 and in a period of 6 years, the firm built up a base of over 130 clients. With the start of the civil war, the offices located in the Central Business District (BCD) were partially damaged. This forced him to relocated the offices to the suburbs. In 1996 Abou Nasr & Associates joined BKR International to cover the Lebanon . In 2000 Abou Nasr & Associates were able to move back and reopen their offices in the BCD of Beirut.

Habib continued managing the firm until he was forced to retire a few month ago before his passing away.

Our thoughts are with his family and colleagues.

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