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Ferax (Zurich) celebrates 25 years!
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Like BKR International, Ferax Treuhand AG is also celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.


Ferax Treuhand AG was formed in 1989 in Zurich and has grown to about 25 employees today, providing audit, legal and tax, accounting and business consulting services. All shares are held by partners who work in day-to-day business, and the firm strongly believes that this set-up, combined with the excellent services the company provides, ensures the necessary continuity in its customer relations.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, Ferax invited all employees and their companions to a four-day trip to the Veneto region in Italy. A coach was chartered and a group of 36 people enjoyed a lovely and eventful sightseeing tour from Zurich to Bergamo, Bardolino, Verona, Sondrio, and back via Savognin to Zurich. The journey offered a program full of sensory pleasure, culture, short and (at least for accountants!) long walking tours, and beautiful conviviality.Among others, the group stopped for a sparkling wine session at the winery tenuta Ambrosini in Cazzago San Martino, and for a wine tasting session at the winery Allegrini in Villa della Torre. Almost one full day was spent in Verona where the group had a guided sightseeing walk, including  zurich_sausages-on-grilla visit of the arena where the “alpini” (Italian mountain rangers) were celebrating, and a dinner of regional specialities – not the only tasty meal enjoyed during these four days.

All of course returned back to Switzerland with lots of emotions and celebrated the nice ending of the trip on a white-covered table at a clearing in the woods with a picnic lunch (prepared by the founder’s brother) that rounded off the culinary delights of the last four days. It truly was a trip to remember for all of the staff and partners and they look forward to the 30th anniversary trip!


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