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Exponens went to meet the CCA Audit master students of La Sorbonne
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Tuesday, March 29, Exponens was at the Sorbonne in Paris to meet the Master Audit CCA students of La Sorbonne.

After a presentation of Exponens group, the two partners Nathalie Lutz and Thierry Legrand and Richard Khamsy, a former student of La Sorbonne who is a collaborator of Exponens, received nearly 35 students to interview. Some of the most interesting profiles have already been contacted again for further interviews.

This annual event is the illustration of the strong relationship that unites La Sorbonne and Exponens for several years. Many students from this prestigious school saw their internship in Exponens turned into a permanent contract.

Similarly, on the occasion of the World Convention of BKR International, two students of La Sorbonne were awarded a Scholarship Award for the EMEA category, rewarding the best students in the world.


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