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Dutch roadshow in the US
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The Netherlands, the best gateway to Europe for doing business…..

was the slogan for a very well received USA roadshow performed by Netherland firms – Flynth, Molade Trust Management BV and Maco Customs Services BV.

The presentations were warmly hosted by the BKR members Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP  in New York and Briggs & Veselka Co in Houston.

Hans Maessen (Maco Customs Services BV which has a cooperation with Flynth) kicked off the presentation by telling the audience that the Netherlands are the preferred location within Europe for its well organised customs organisation,  a reliable business partner and a smooth infrastructure for distribution to the other EU/EMEA countries. Furthermore unique advantages can be gained by using fiscal representation.

Next, Rob Zevenbergen (Chairman, Flynth‘s VAT group and member of the international trade and customs group) showed that The Netherlands has a unique VAT system which distinguishes itself from other EU countries by offering the possibility to prevent paying VAT on import and the subsequent local delivery. Deliveries to other EU countries are zero rated. Consequently doing business via the Netherlands offers cash flow advantages which other EU states cannot offer.

Coen Hissink (Molade Trust Management) took over, clearly explaining the formal requirements of establishing a legal entity in the Netherlands and the possibility to use the services of Molade Trust Management to fulfill all these obligations.

Peter Janssen (Chairman, Flynth International Group) showed the distinctive advantages of having a company in the Netherlands, especially a Holding. The Netherlands offers a unique participation exemption, no capital tax and not to mention, by far the best international tax treaty network with the lowest taxation rates.

Rene van den Outenaar (Molade Trust Management / Crown Licensing) gave a short introduction in the financially very rewarding possibilities of routing royalties via the Netherlands by demonstrating a few of the options that can only be achieved via the Netherlands.

Following the presentations, beverages and finger food were offered and the guests were given the chance to ask their questions to the speakers. Reviewing the questions raised, the speakers enjoyed the increasing interest in doing business via the Netherlands.

Flynth, Molade and Maco have shown they can offer an interesting presentation of a topic which everyone should know, whilst having plans to do business in Europe/EMEA or those who are already doing business in Europe or EMEA but are not using The Netherlands and thus missing out on its unique trading position.

Flynth, Molade and Maco are willing to invest in expanding mutual business through the BKR channel, so please do not hesitate to contact one of the speakers if you would like information on the presentations or if you would like to explore the possibilities of expanding mutual business. The team are willing to invest and are open for any suggestions:

Peter Janssen
Rob Zevenbergen :
René van den Outenaar :
Coen Hissink  :
Hans Maessen   :

Feedback from Houston

Peter, your group of Professionals gave an outstanding presentation and I was fortunate to be in attendance.  You are always welcome in Houston and we hope that our business connections flourish in the future.

See you in Ireland.

Johnny Veselka

Feedback from New York

Gentlemen  –

Thanks again for the terrific presentation last night, as well as dinner.  We will be sending a follow-up e-mail to attendees  and “no-shows.”  Because of the size of the file with your slides, we converted it to a pdf and posted it to our website.  The e-mails will contain the following link:

Jim Krauss


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