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Daniel Faura appointed as President of Mediterranean Arch of Auditors
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Daniel Faura, Managing Partner of FAURA-CASAS Auditors Consultors (Barcelona), and current president of the CPA’s Institute of Catalonia, has been elected new President of AMA (Mediterranean Arch of Auditors), for a period of two years under the 21st Congress of the Association, held in Montpellier (France). AMA is a professional European cross-border regional institution which gathers together representatives of auditors and other accounting professionals and represents 30.000 professionals from Spain, France and Italy.

At the time of his appointment, Daniel Faura said “we will look deep into those actions required to strengthen cooperation and synergies within the audit sector at a supranational level.” The new president of AMA also stressed “there is a key role to be played by audit activity at a time when the demand for transparency is imperative in order to generate confidence in the management of public and private resources.”


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