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Cyprus firm becomes Authorized Nominated Advisor (NOMAD)
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Congratulations to Euroglobal S.E.E. Audit Ltd on being approved by the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) Council as a Listed Advisor in accordance with Paragraph 7.2 of the Regulatory Administrative Act 326/2009.

The advisors of Euroglobal are now in the position to help companies become listed in CSE’s Emerging Companies Market (ECM). The NOMAD advisor manages the admission of new issues in the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE). The CSE allows private or public companies to list their bonds on the Emerging Companies Market (ECM). The ECM is equivalent to the London AIM market that offers simple listing criteria at a low cost.

Investors listed in the CSE benefit from the corporate tax rate of 10%, no withholding tax on dividends declared to non-residents, plus the double taxation avoidance treaties that Cyprus has in place.

The ECM is ideal for high-net-worth individuals and multinationals headquartered in Cyprus and through a listing on the ECM operate under flexible and competitive structure. Furthermore, the small size of the CSE translates to a personalized service, low fees enabling companies that are small to be listed in the main market to join or for companies who wish to gain initial experience with EU capital markets. There is also great potential for listing hedge funds and alternative funds on the Exchange.

For further information, please contact or Angelos Theodorou, Executive Director at Euroglobal SEE Audit Ltd and authorized NOMAD advisor, at


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