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Construction Has Begun for New Corporate Headquarters of Schiff-Martini & Cie. GbR Wirtschaftsprüfer, Steuerberater (Frankfurt)
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In Frankfurt’s youngest district, Gateway Gardens, construction work has begun for the new corporate headquarters of the tax consultants and auditors, Schiff-Martini & Cie. GmbH (SMC). The new building, called the “Lindbergh parkside office,” is being erected in a central location on Amelia-Mary-Earhart-Strasse 8, and is being handled as a joint project between OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH and Gross & Partner Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH.

The relocation will provide Schiff-Martini with premises offering room for up to 100 staff. The accounting firm supports and advises more than 250 subsidiaries of foreign companies, predominantly from the USA, Japan, and the UK.

SMC has had its corporate headquarters in Gateway Gardens since 2012. By reason of the company’s growth, the premises had become too small. The accounting firm will occupy around 2,900 square metres of the building’s 5,200 square metres. SMC will also be operating an office centre and a café in the new building. The good accessibility of Gateway Gardens via the A3 and A5 motorways, its immediate proximity to Germany’s biggest airport, with its integrated long- distance railway station, plus the “Gateway Gardens” rapid transit station available as from 2019, offer an excellent base for SMC when it comes to advising international corporations and establishing its own “Centre for Inbound Business.”

“For decades now, Frankfurt Airport has been the primary access point to the German market for foreign investors,” says Arne Berg, Branch Manager in Frankfurt for the project development firm OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH. “As a logical consequence, we are in the shape of Gateway Gardens developing as a district that is exceptionally attractive and extremely convenient to access for international companies. With its remarkable growth, Schiff-Martini exemplifies the impetus that can be imparted by the Gateway Gardens location.”

“Our new office building, the “Lindbergh parkside office,” stands for business, internationality and mobility,” explains Roland Schiff-Martini, Managing Director of SMC. “This is why we want to set up a Centre for Inbound Business at this privileged location in Gateway Gardens. This concept rounds off our full-service approach, and ensures optimum support for our present and future clients. For this purpose, we want to have partners who are keen to participate in the successful strategy of a tried-and-tested business model and are interested in mutually supportive collaboration. We are here in particular targeting human resources service providers, law firms, translators and relocation specialists.”

“Brexit will lead to a huge demand from Japanese firms too, particularly in the Rhine-Main region,” says Susanne Ude-Lomb, SMC’s second Managing Director. “The inbound house concept is a one-stop location for these particular clients. Here, numerous companies and cooperation partners, who are legally independent from each other, will provide advice and support for the special clients involved in the various categories concerned. Schiff-Martini is the anchor here, and acts as the guarantor for a meaningful client-advisor relationship.”


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