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Centenary celebrations for Ormsby & Rhodes
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On 26 October 2011, BKR International member firm, Ormsby & Rhodes, celebrated 100 years, at an event attended by 250 clients, contacts, partners past and present, and staff, in Dublin, Ireland.

Current Partners at Ormsby & Rhodes

Ormsby & Rhodes is one of the last remaining accountancy firms in Ireland still trading under its original name, and was delighted to mark the centenary of its establishment. The firm was founded in Dublin in 1911 by Arthur Ormsby and Ernest Rhodes in an office shared with solicitors Matheson, Ormsby & Prentice. Today the firm employs over 50 people, catering primarily for private companies and individual clients and is consistently ranked amongst Ireland’s Top 20 accountancy firms.

Speaking at a special reception to mark the centenary, Geoffrey Lewis, Partner, Ormsby & Rhodes, said “When Ormsby & Rhodes was established, accountancy was still a relatively young profession with just 100 members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. Today, there are over 20,000 members, reflecting the growing importance of the profession. With growth comes responsibility. As a firm, that responsibility has been central to our ethos and is reflected in the integrity of our work on behalf of our clients.”

Amongst those who spoke at the reception, which was held in Chartered Accountants House, were John Hannaway, President, Chartered Accountants Ireland and Paddy Prior, retired Finance Director, Primark, one of the firm’s longest standing clients. Paddy emphasised the help BKR firms had been in his new group. He was finance director with Primark and had just 3 department stores in Dublin when Ormsby & Rhodes started working with them. They now have 223 stores across Europe. (a Case Study on the development of this company, being serviced by BKR International member firms, can be found: HERE)

BKR International

was represented by
Immediate Past Chairman,
Bob Rothenberg MBE
(Blick Rothenberg, London).



Geoffrey Lewis is proud to see 3 generations of his family work in the firm. Hugh Lewis (1954 – 1984), Geoffrey himself (1978 to date), and Jonathan Lewis (2010 to date).

We congratulate all at Ormsby & Rhodes on such a great achievement. It is interesting to note that the firm started in the very same year that the Titanic was launched in Belfast and yet 100 years on, Ormsby & Rhodes are still standing!


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