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Cassons in PM publication
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Cassons (Manchester) featured in the April issue of Professional Marketing publication, with a front cover photo of Les Nutter(Managing Partner) and Jill Murray (Head of Marketing).

The article mentioned how Cassons has been using video, music and dance to raise its profile.

“…the video was carefully crafted and does reflect the firm’s values – particularly the one that states ‘At Cassons we deal with faces not just numbers’.

“The video – which only mentions Christmas right at the end – will be used throughout the current year. Mugs and T-shirts are in the pipeline. And all clients who see it will recognise their contacts in the firm, despite the fact that they might be dancing and in costume. The firm also wanted to extend its reach through the video – and it certainly achieved that with significant strategic use of social media. Some 24 per cent of viewings – whether through or on the firm’s YouTube site – have come from abroad. Over 600 viewings happened in the US and another 500 in Australia.”

Cassons acknowledge that this will have been precipitated by fellow BKR members.

“…using technology to its best – whether that is the use of video in its marketing or Xero with its client work – the heart of the firm is clearly human. “Les is very charismatic,” says Murray. “That makes a big impact on everything we do.” He, however, is very keen to get all involved. Partners meet weekly – over a sandwich lunch – to talk about contact with clients. “Who have you seen? Who have you met?” says Nutter, describing what they talk about.

“The desire to get everyone giving of their best is an embracing theme of the firm. Staff are brought on as fast as possible, particularly in relation to clients. So – while the video presents Cassons in a jokey way – there is clearly much truth in the idea that its partners and staff will pretty much transform themselves in the efforts they will go to for clients.”


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