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BKR sub-regional meeting in Belgium
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In September, the Belgian BKR member MVPorganised a sub-regional meeting with BKR members of The Netherlands, Germany, Franceand Luxembourg. The meeting was held at the MVP office in Zele (between Antwerp and Ghent).

The initial objective, especially since MVP only joined BKR this year, was to get to know one another, understanding that the BKR association would be important between neighbouring countries, for cross-border activities of members’ clients.

After a brief introduction of the participants and their latest activities, the meeting commenced. The following topics were discussed concerning sub-regional BKR activity and the promotion of the BKR association:

– Evaluation of referred work for current clients/contacts
– Brainstorming session on business development

  • Evaluation of current client portfolios with the need for international expertise: looking for opportunities.
  • Business development: approach and possibilities.
  • Branding and marketing actions.

It was not all work, since between sessions the participants enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the pleasant surroundings.

As a conclusion, it was agreed that such meetings should be held frequently, resulting in definite plans and projects for BKR marketing and activity in the region.

We strongly recommend that members meet like this, with neighbouring member firms, to discuss activities and ideas where they can work together. These bi/tri-lateral meetings are often of greater value in terms of creating working opportunities than the larger annual meetings. If any firm has any suggestions, or would like to host such an event, please contact Stephen Hamlet.


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