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BKR members at the AMA meeting
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20181027 - AMA - Angelo Colombo
Angelo Colombo

On 27 October BKR members, Angelo Colombo (DITRAG) and Daniel Faura FAURA-CASAS) were speakers at the AMA Congress held in the French city of Aix en Provence.

Angelo Colombo developed his presentation on “The future of the profession”, highlighting that in Italy there are more than 118,000 Dottore Commercialisti (CPA’s), and that in the future the size of the firms will have a noticeable impact on their development and sustainability, which will also have a decisive impact on their ability to attract talent.

20181027 - AMA - Daniel Faura
Daniel Faura

Daniel Faura started his input by presenting a report on the economic situation of the three countries: Spain, France and Italy, the new professional regulations and the ease of doing business in them. He also moderated a debate on the management of talent in auditing firms.

AMA is a cross-border European organization that brings together the representative institutions of the Auditors on the Mediterranean shore (Spain, France, Italy). AMA today groups 25 institutions that represent 20,000 professionals.


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