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BKR – EURUS Sub-regional Meeting
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This year the annual conference of the French national accountants in stewed took place in Brussels at the end of September. The Parisien members of EURUS took this opportunity to organise the first BKR sub-regional meeting for the north of France and bordering countries.

This is the first time that the French National Accountants Institute, which represents the accounting profession in France, have held their annual meeting outside France. The BKR sub-regional meeting was strongly supported by the chairman Philippe Arraou. Philippe has been very keen to pursue the international angle and came to visit us at the Paris BKR worldwide conference last November.

A number of BKR firms attended the meeting and the work sessions were very useful as it gave the participants a chance to give presentations on their respective firms and their activities. The meeting gave members a good chance to exchange ideas on many subjects, both in the formal sessions and at a nice lunch afterwards.

Jacqueline Wolfovski presented a really interesting recent example of European cooperation between BKR members. This was an Exponens initiative : ‘the Alphascale Assignment’ (Automobile spare parts project). Which members found very interesting.

The BKR partners presents in Brussels were : for France, Orcom ( Xavier Poulet-Goffard and Nicolas Cauquis), SFC (Pascal Bejon) and Exponens (Jacqueline Wolfovski with assistance from Thierry Legrand, also Chair of Eurus, and  Jean-Pierre Bourgin) ; from Belgium, two partners of Rewise (Alexandre Lecler and Vincent Nutal) and from Figurad (Ann van Vlaenderen, Stefaan Beirens, TimVan Hullebusch) who attended the Eurus dinner the day before, and from the Netherlands, Hans Geunz of Flynth who sent the following testimony after returning home:

‘ Bonjour. Merci beaucoup à tous. La conférence m’a plu. Ton exemple de l’entreprise automotive et la collaboration entre les membres de la reseau BKR est un exemple dont j’espère que dans la future prochaine nous avons plus d’autres exemples pareils à présenter.’

Translated : “Good morning/Hello and many thanks to everyone. I really enjoyed the conference and your example of the “automotive company”. I hope that we will have further examples similar to this one to present in the future.


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