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BKR EMEA Future Leaders Alumni Event
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The BKR EMEA Future Leaders Alumni Event took place today in the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport. Seventeen alumni joined Martin Bissett from the Upward Spiral Partnership and senior partners Arcangelo Agogliati (DITRAG, Milan), Imad Abou Nasr (Abou Nasr & Associates, Beirut and Erbil), Nilesh Shah (Blick Rothenberg, London) and Angelos Theodorou (Euroglobal, Nicosia) to grow their leadership talents.  Delegates came from member firms in Austria, Cameroon, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Turkey and UK.
Future Leaders Meeting


The day built on last year’s meeting and a series of webinars over the year. Todays’ meeting has provided the building blocks of experience that will help them develop their partnership skills and progress in their respective firms. BKR recognises that providing these opportunities to member firms will assist them to grow in strength and profitability.


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