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BIG Meeting 2013
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The Britain, Ireland (Northern and the Republic) and Guernsey group met for their annual meeting at Blick Rothenberg’s new premises in Covent Garden, London, on Friday 8 March.

This group has now grown due to the recruitment last year of UNW (Newcastle). Additionally, all other member firms from the group were in attendance, and hence comprised of delegates from Blick Rothenberg (London), Cassons (Manchester), Harbinson Mulholland (Belfast), Lince Salisbury (Guernsey), and Ormsby & Rhodes (Dublin).

The EMEA region’s Executive Director, Stephen Hamlet chaired the event, welcoming all to London. The meeting commenced with the traditional ’round table discussions’, with each firm presenting an update on the last 12 months, covering recent trends in their local economy and developments at their individual practices.

Mark Abbs (London) then provided an overview of his work in the Expatriate Tax area, promoting “Globally coordinated services”, and highlighting certain case studies where he had worked with other BKR member firms. Mark explained how having contacts within the BKR association was vital in helping him service his clients, as well as being able to approach new clients, who have several people in various locations around the globe.

This was followed by Colin Tice (Manchester) initiating discussion on “Tax avoidance/current political atmosphere/structured tax planning” which resulted in an interesting debate over what was, or should not be, considered ‘acceptable’ even though it was still ‘legal’.

This concluded the morning sessions and preceded a fabulous lunch buffet, which included a guided tour of the new offices courtesy of Bob Rothenberg (London).

After lunch, Richard Holley (Belfast) presented a scenario around the “Reduction in Share Capital: Tax treatment”, inviting delegates to express their views and opinions. This was followed by a very useful presentation on “Using Ireland for Tax Planning” by Niall O’Connor (Dublin).

Brendan Dwyer (Belfast) led a discussion on “Real time payroll”, asking how it might affect the delegates’ practices and service-offerings.

The day was concluded with Michael Morris (Newcastle) initiating the topic of “Staff Retention”and the policies firms have adopted in order to retain their top employees.

As in previous years, the meeting was received very well by all who attended, having enjoyed the opportunity to discuss development issues within their respective firms, share common interests, latest service offerings, initiatives and experiences in recent practice matters.

BKR is grateful to Blick Rothenberg for continuing to host these meetings and for their hospitality throughout the day.


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