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BIG Meeting 2010
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Not as BIG as we had hoped, since unfortunately our firm from Guernsey were unable to attend. However, BIG met at Blick Rothenberg’s offices in London in March. Stephen Hamlet, also resident at Blick Rothenberg’s offices, introduced the meeting and opened with the clear message that BIG stood for either “British Isles Group”, “British and Ireland Group” or “British, Ireland and Guernsey… Group” (BIGG?). It was explained that the ambiguity was intentional and continued to add mystique to the name.

Paul Finnegan (London), partner at Blick Rothenberg responsible for the general management of the practice, followed Stephen’s report on current developments at BKR EMEA, with presentations on People Strategy and Financial Control. Both initiated interactive sessions involving all delegates.

The afternoon continued with each member firm presenting a review of the past 12 months and resulted in further open discussions.

The day was deemed to have been a great success, providing the opportunity to discuss experiences over recent troubled times for the economy, and to share practice development ideas, proving to be most enjoyable and extremely useful. Delegates from the BIG firms walked away with a number of interesting thoughts to pursue for their individual firms. Thanks must be given to Bob Rothenberg for hosting the meeting and for his firm’s hospitality


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