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Audit exemption thresholds in Europe 2019 update and Tax Policy update
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Accountancy Europe have just Updated their document on thresholds and published out their latest tax policy update.

Audit Exemptions

Following the 2013 Accounting Directive, small European Union (EU) companies are no longer required to have a statutory audit. Accountancy Europe have update their publication on Audit Exemption thresholds in Europe.  See the results HERE.

Their survey results show that four EU countries have lowered their audit exemption thresholds while three countries have increased them between 2016 and 2019. Overall, there was no clear upward or downward trend in the development of the thresholds in this period. They also found diverging national policies and views on auditing smaller entities.

Tax Policy Update

The latest Accountancy Europe Tax Policy Update is available HERE.

Highlights include:

  • Major VAT compromises reached between EU member states
  • No agreement in sight on public CBCR
  • OECD launches consultation on minimum taxation




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