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ARTUS management meeting
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Toward the end of March, the first ARTUS (Austria) management meeting took place in Grundlsee, Styria. Fifteen participants from all three ARTUS branches came to this beautiful spot to learn and discuss. The business sessions commenced on Thursday, 27 March with marketing and sales issues. Participants had the chance to discuss their view on these topics with an external marketing and sales expert.

The second day began with a relaxing walk alongside the beautiful lake Grundlsee, before the actual meeting started. It covered the current burning issues on financial criminal law, brought forward by one of the leading experts in Austria on this field, Roman Leitner. This encouraged much interaction and discussion on what has to be taken care of in the future. This demanding meeting was followed by a lovely dinner at a local restaurant where an exhausting day came to an end.The final day was dedicated to internal issues and organizational topics, presentations and animated discussions before the group left this beautiful part of Austria in the afternoon.


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