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A new direction for Eurus, France
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Like BKR, Eurus is now more than 20 years old. In 2009, the board of Eurus decided to start a strategic review for the future of their national group.

In January 2010, the results were presented to all partners. The plan has been accepted by the quasi unanimity of the members.

The objectives of Eurus were precise and can be expressed as an Alliance of independent accounting and audit firms. This alliance has to add additional value to the performance of each member.

The strategic plan is based on the following principles :
– To unite independent firms,
– To enhance harmonisation,
– To respect choices and priorities of each member,
– To limit the number of members to 50 around France (46 in 2010),
– To benefit from an international association (BKR International),
– To have an executive structure for the services to the members (2 people in 2010)
– To communicate and increase development of the members.

The decision to improve internal values with :
– More exchange forums (tax, payrolls, audit, marketing…),
– New task forces in benefits/services, human resources, technology and communication,
– Our regular General Meetings and Convention (4 a year),
– An Autumnal University for Partners and Managers,
– A new intranet,
– An internal contract between the member and Eurus to detail what action the member will implement in the next 3 years. This contract will be followed by the Board Members.

Specifically, the actions are and will be oriented to :
– A new logo and message (as above): Translated to English as “The addition of our differences multiply our skills”
– A new graphical image that better demonstrates membership to Eurus (also above)
– A client services engagement,
– New benefits/services for firms in order to be more unique,
– A new database of Partners’ skills,
– A larger catalogue of training courses (700 attendees in 2009),
– New tools in recruiting and practice management,
– More standardised documentation (intranet)
– More partnerships with suppliers (insurances, software…)

Ideas are clear, decisions are taken, budget is accepted… So Just do it !


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