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12 Great Expectations from San Francisco
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The BKR international Annual Worldwide Meeting for the year 2014 is unique. The uniqueness can be considered from various points. Firstly it is the meeting scheduled for celebrating 25 years of existence of BKR International in spite of all the challenges and uncertainties in the financial and business world.

Secondly, the meeting is taking place in a city called “Everybody’s Favorite City”. The beauty is beyond what words can describe.

Thirdly, the programme package is full and relevant to the needs of every attendee no matter the age, culture or region of the person.

Considering that this meeting is special, it will be appropriate to have expectations of what to achieve or experience at this worldwide meeting of BKR International holding at the famous Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco California USA. I have endeavored to list out expectations which I have tagged 12 GREAT EXPECTATIONS. The list is not exhaustive. You can add more to it and share with us. I have never attended any BKR Worldwide meeting but I enjoyed the privilege of attending the first joint Regional meeting of EMEA and  Asia/ Pacific Regions which took place in Istanbul, Turkey from 3rd – 5th May 2014. I have also enjoyed the benefits of attending the meeting in Stellenbosch, South Africa all within the same year 2014. I can remember all the gains of those meetings and the satisfactions derived from attending BKR meetings.

The 12 Great Expectations can be listed as follows:

1. Knowledge and capacity building
The planners have assembled best brains with awesome experience and exposure to handle various topics that are relevant to our profession and business. It is expected that capacity of the attendees will be built up. At the end there will be improved performance and higher productivity by each of the member firms that sends representatives to attend this meeting. You can read the profile of the speakers from the BKR website. The break out sessions will help your firm in the following areas –

  • Expanding your Global Connections to build business opportunities
  • Growing your firm through specialized services
  • International Tax Workshop
  • Online Social Media :  how to Leverage Current Trends

2. Sports and Athletics
At this meeting there will be sports and athletics. Those who can play Golf will have the opportunity to play in the easy Rider’s Cup tournament. There is the expectation of winning a trophy or improving your skills. Those with inclinations towards sports will take part in the Easy Runner’s 7 Mile Coyote Ridge Trail Run. There is the expectation   of improved health and fitness by participating in any of these two events.

3. Fun
Celebration of the 25th Anniversary is a special event to give commendation to those who have been leading and running the association for the past 25 years. There will be expectation of a joyous atmosphere filled with love and encouragement to do more for BKR in the future. Those who are religion inclined will seize the opportunity to sing praises to the Almighty God who made it possible for BKR to be created and ensure its survival over the years.

The Gala Dinner will be a time many will expect to provide the opportunity to unwind and relax.

Those who are good dancers will be expected to enjoy themselves as they display their skills to the admiration of others. Although I do not know how to dance, I have great expectation seeing dancing skills from across the globe in display as I enjoy myself with friends and the drinks.

4. Tourism
The opportunity of a choice of two tours will provide the expectation of sightseeing and collections of mementos in addition to various souvenirs that will be exchanged or purchased.

5. Networking
All the events at the meeting will provide opportunities for networking e.g. during Lunch, coffee break, breakout sessions, sports and Athletic events. Expect to make new friends and connect your firms to another firm in your region and other regions world wide.

6. Quality Relationship
Some of the attendees have met before while some may not. Those who have met before will be able to deepen their relationships. Those who are meeting for the first time can start a relationship that will be flourishing and rewarding.

7. A gathering of winners
In a football or basket ball match, It is the team that wins the match not the individual members. A team full of talented individual players can be defeated easily by a team full of average players but full of team spirit and commitment to success.

The meeting in San Francisco is a gathering of winners and champions from across the globe. Each member firm of BKR  should send at least a representative to join others in discussing and planning for the next 12 months, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or 25years. BKR needs to move forward. You with your firm is expected to be a winner and together with other firms across the globe should expect that BKR will become the number one association of its kind in the whole world in the very near future. BKR International is a winning team.

8. Vision
Vision is important for success. The vision of BKR will be made known and shared repeatedly by the Board. It is expected that we should all catch the vision and run with it.  It is expected that San Francisco meeting will present the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions towards the realization of our vision for BKR, the great association of independent accountants and business advisors.

9. Interaction with the new leadership of BKR and the Executives
There is a change in leadership from 1st July, 2014. There is the expectation of meeting all the new leaders to hear their agenda for BKR and encourage them to do better than their predecessors. It is also expected that we shall appreciate the previous leaders and learn from their experience, while thanking them for the work done. Also It is not enough to hear of the Executive Directors – Stephen Hamlet, Steven Roger and Maureen Schwartz. You need to meet them and learn more about the great work they are doing for BKR and all the individual member firms. Expect them to be closer to you than a mere phone and email knowledge of their names.

10. Fulfillment and hope
At the end of the meeting there should be fulfillment and hope for a better future for BKR and the member firms from the knowledge to be gained and skills to be developed. Also  there will be expectation of personal and corporate fulfillment with a hope for growth and prosperity to be shared with colleagues who did not attend the meetings.

11. Impact of BKR on the world economy.
It is expected that every time we gather as BKR independent member firms there will be conscious effort to increase the capacity of BKR for it to make this world a better place from year to year through our independent member firms working assiduously in their respective countries.

12. Determination and commitment to BKR.
After hearing about the journey so far, how BKR started and the steps  taken to ensure survival and steady growth, it is expected that there will be greater determination and commitment to remain a valued member of BKR blazing the trail in our cities, countries and regions.

We should expect a better motivated team of independent firms working together for extra- ordinary achievements.


If you have not planned to attend San Francisco meeting please read about the 12 Great Expectations and go to the BKR websites to obtain in details the special package awaiting you in California. You cannot afford to miss this unique25 years Anniversary Celebration meeting. The benefits are numerous. If you have planned to come, check the expectations and make your mind on what to expect and how to enjoy yourself to the fullest while learning and building up capacity that will strengthen and expand your business with higher profits.

Our commitment to the membership of BKR should be increased from time to time. It is our association. We are the players. BKR is the team.

In unity the team wins. We have won for 25 years. We shall continue to win . Come let us meet with hope, expectation and enthusiasm.

See you in San Francisco.

Adebola Olubanjo
Abuja, Nigeria.


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