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BKR Employment Tax Practice Group
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The next BKR Employment Tax Practice Group webinar will take place on 25 June 2019 at 10.00 UK time.






The topic is:

BKR Employment Tax Practice Group Webinar – Short Term Business Visitors: Reporting requirements and challenges

  • Are companies required to track business travelers?
  •  What is the maximum number of days a business traveler is allowed to spend before they create tax and social security implications?
  •  What do companies have to report for business travelers as well as the deadlines? E.g. payroll, declaring who the business travelers are
  •  What are the consequences of not tracking and reporting business travelers correctly?
  •  Is an A1 certificate required?

This session will be chaired by Rachel MacPhee from Blick Rothenberg.

If you wish to participate or know more about it please contact the ED Tim Morris or the BKR EMEA PA Sunny Rowley