EGIAN Meeting – 12/13 December 2016 – Presentations

John Capper the Executive Director EGIAN said – Following our highly valued meetings and dinner in Brussels this week I now attach the presentations bundle, as requested by many of you.

You will note:-

· A talk, by an ex-EGIAN Member representative Anthony Appleton, on Developments in Corporate Reporting
· A fascinating and eye-opening dinner talk by Pascal Kerneis of ESF on professional services trade agreements both in Europe and Globally
· Insights into the birth and work of CEAOB, the new committee of auditing oversight bodies in Europe from Martijn Duffels
· As promised by Martijn Duffels, (anonymized) details of the findings reported on their European Audit Inspection database and first presented at our meeting with them in Oslo on 15th June 2016
· Our usual and very thorough European Update from Accountancy Europe (formerly called FEE) from Hilde Blomme and Paul Gisby
· An update from the Brendan Murtagh, the IAASB Board member responsible for SMP Liaison, who explained what a large programme of work they are still tasked with globally
· Our opening dialogue with Evert-Jan Lammers of Transparency International Belgium, seeing a prominent role for our profession in combatting corruption and fraud
· The Tax Survey Report launch event jointly EGIAN and ICAEW where we have engaged with a number of other stakeholders interested in the European Taxation debate and proposals

These presentations stimulated lively debates and engagement with the Members present and also, just as importantly, a call to ensure that the information is widely circulated throughout each of your own organisations please.

As one of the attendees reminded us, there are many opportunities for EGIAN Members, flowing from this information, to develop new services and offerings in conjunction with your own members for their clients.

The opposite is also worth noting, if they do not offer ways of dealing with this advance information to their clients then they run the risk that others will do so and gain a foothold in their client base.