Treatment of employee expenses across multiple jurisdictions

The BKR association proved to be vital for a technology company, based in the United States, in their decision to engage our London member firm, Blick Rothenberg.

In order to service their client, Blick Rothenberg needed successful cooperation with other BKR member firms from Norway, Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, Hong Kong and India.

The client produces computer software to record company employee expenses and is sold to businesses worldwide, used as part of their accounting and expense package. Each month the client required information regarding the treatment of expenses, tax rates and rules for different countries.

Acting as an intermediary, Blick Rothenberg was able to obtain this information from other BKR members. Each member was sent template documents to be completed for the required information, detailing the treatment of employee expenses, in addition to a tax/VAT rate spreadsheet including a list of expense types and the VAT treatment in each jurisdiction.

Blick Rothenberg then collated this information and sent it back to the client. On receiving this, the client used the templates, and any extra information supplied, to program into an expense software system. Their objective was to create a rule for the system to use in order to automatically calculate the tax. This was based on regulations and the most common business practice.

This project would arguably not have been possible without the connections Blick Rothenberg had with BKR members, providing work for both themselves and fellow members in each applicable territory.

Having access to a number of firms worldwide, through BKR International, provided the client with the confidence that our UK member, acting as the co-ordinator, would be able to obtain all the necessary global information on a timely and regular basis.