Reaching out from Turkey

Our Turkish member firm, IŞIK Yeminli Mali Müşavirlik ve Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş., has a key client with operations abroad and who were experiencing significant weaknesses in the controls of their accounting system.

Our member in Turkey initiated a meeting to discuss the necessary coordination between their team and other BKR members, and to establish the principles and client requirements.

The referral process was straightforward yet effective:

  • Introduce the client to the relevant BKR Member firm.
  • Define the services needed by the client and explain/discuss these to the BKR Member, ensuring to prevent any misunderstanding.
  • Undertake responsibility for constructing the reporting format.
  • Create, establish and maintain coordination between client and the BKR Member.

Our Turkish member continues to review the reports with their client, which are prepared by fellow BKR member firms, regarding their operations abroad, coordinating all points and questions raised.

With the relationships made at BKR International, it was easy for our member to involve other BKR firms in the relevant territories to assist in the project and alleviate the client’s weaknesses in their systems, implementing the appropriate controls.