Leveraging the expertise of BKR firms

During the calendar year to 31 December 2013, the outsourcing operations of Blick Rothenberg (BRAL and Fluency), London, provided services to clients covering a range of territories outside of the United Kingdom.

In doing so, they leveraged the expertise of numerous BKR firms and paid out over $225k in fees to these firms (which were in turn charged on to clients); due in no small part to the strength of the BKR association and the advice both operations are therefore able to provide on a global basis. It is hoped, and indeed expected, that this amount will at least double in 2014.

Fluency, the international outsourcing subsidiary of Blick Rothenberg, has recently utilised the BKR association to extend its full outsourced accountancy services to Korea.  Fluency will be working with BKR firms in both Korea and Australia (there are a number of clients already being serviced in this way in Australia) to provide a full range of services. The client, a part of a NASDAQ listed group, has been impressed by both the depth of services and geographical reach that can be provided leveraging Fluency’s technology and the combined expertise of the staff based in London and the BKR association.  They expect to be setting up a Romanian operation in 2014 which would be serviced in a similar way.

Additionally, Fluency has been appointed to work with a UK company expanding its operations to California.  The London based Fluency team will partner with Gumbiner Savett to provide a full range of services.  This builds on similar experiences working with a Spanish owned group who have a subsidiary in Miami where Fluency have worked alongside GLSC.