BKR International inter-firm collaboration

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To most, being part of an international association means access to a feraxprofessional network, access to knowledge and access to business opportunities. However is that it? I am pleased to share with you a new and enriching experience, one that involves a new collaboration between Blick Rothenberg (London) and Ferax Treuhand AG (Zürich) who are both member firms of BKR International.

What is the news?

Following a change in my personal circumstances, I had to move to Zurich. Fortunately for me, BKR International has enabled and opened up a possibility for me. I am going to spend a year working remotely at Ferax Treuhand AG in an office environment and surrounded by a wonderful team (below). This arrangement has already helped identify business opportunities where Blick Rothenberg and Ferax can collaborate.

What about the fun part?

I associate Switzerland with chocolate, fondue and skiing. It is not quite the season yet for fondue and skiing, but there is no restriction when it comes to finding out all about Swiss chocolate. How best to do this than attend a chocolate making class at Lindt & Sprüngli! I highly recommend this experience, especially to those who have a soft spot for a cacao treat. When you arrive at Lindt’s head office, the smell from the chocolate making process draws you in from the streets.

What have I learnt so far?

Time flies

Three months before a move seem plenty to sort out everything prior to the ‘D’ day but it is not. Avoid last minute panic and rush to finalise important aspects, e.g. your taxes!

Understand your client

Although tax is very important, it may not be the first or second item on a person’s relocation list. Not only does one have to cope with unpacking (assuming you have been lucky to find a new home without much struggle and investment in time) but also figure out simple things like opening a bank account, transport, food shopping and finding a school for your children to name a few. As a tax adviser, take a practical approach and keep things simple with clients/potential clients.

The approach to learning a new language in Switzerland

Before you start to learn a new language, it is important to do some research. Zurich is a German speaking canton, more specifically Swiss German. Swiss German can vary from canton to canton. But everyone speaks German!

Vanesha Kistoo

Blick Rothenberg